Panel of judges M&A Awards 2022

A small group of experienced captains of industry and experts is selected to cast their votes for each of the Awards categories.
View the regulations for the M&A Awards nominations and winners here

Urbain Vandeurzen (Chairman)

Chairman of Smile Invest

Urbain co-founded Smile Invest in 2017. Before that, he was chairman and CEO of LMS International.
Urbain is also honorary chairman of VOKA.

Philippe Haspeslagh

Honorary Dean Vlerick Business School

Philippe is also Chairman of Capricorn Partners & Family Business Network Belgium and Honorary Chairman of Ardo.

Sophie Manigart

Professor of Corporate Finance

Sophie is Professor and Faculty Dean at Vlerick Business School and advisor in entrepreneurial finance, venture capital and private equity.

Renaat Berckmoes

Partner Fortino Capital Partners

Renaat is extremely skilled in financial matters and brings a relevant connection to the financial world.

Michaël Sephiha

Journalist at De Tijd/Mediafin

Michaël specializes in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity and corporate governance and has been working as an editor for De Tijd since 2003.

Pierre Demaerel

Secretary General of the BVA (2016-2022)

Pierre was Secretary General of the BVA from 2016 till 2022 and is Chairman of the Belgian Growth Fund.